If you want to plan your baby hair cuts, when is the correct time to do so?
The time depends on the volume of the baby’s hair, but frankly, it is not easy to decide when the exact time is?

First Baby hair cuts 

In the first six months, hair growth and then fall out. Following a drop in hormones, that’s entirely normal as a newborn. If your baby’s hair is not much annoying, you can skip the baby’s first haircut till their first birthday. But of course, if you are excited to give baby’s first haircut, here are some useful tips on the precaution you may take and what you should know before you start giving his first hair cut?

Will your baby’s hair get strengthen or weaken?

The first haircut does not weaken or strengthen your baby’s hair because the genetics determines your baby’s hair and hair growth rate. Sometimes, if you cut your baby’s hair before their first birthday, they may look bad on their birthday.
Some babies may have healthy hair from the first day they born, but some babies do not have much hair, all they got a bald head. Typically newborns are born with little hair. Don’t worry; Their genies will eventually determine their hair .you can find some useful tips in our article to make your baby’s hair grow healthy.

Will you be able to do your baby’s first haircut on your own?

When it comes to the first baby haircut, most parents have doubts about when to cut our baby’s hair? How do we suppose to give the first baby haircut?
Most parents prefer to do a first baby haircut on their own, and some parents prefer to have an expert or saloon specializing in babies.
Either way, you should take safety precautions as much as possible. It is better to avoid first three months as most of the head tissues are soft at age and babies do not have control of their head, after all, they are too tiny, and it is a bit early to give them a proper haircut, but if the hair makes annoying your baby, you can cut a bit of hair.
You can cut a bit of hair at this age but do not recommend it at all. Sometimes doctors asked to cut babies’ hair a bit because if there are lots of stains stuck, it is easy to clean the head such as stain, which they took from the womb.

When do you need to take to the saloon for baby hair cut?

If you are reluctant to give a first hair touch-up and even though you want to do the first haircut of your baby, you can take your child for the first time to the saloon specialist or an expert around six months to one year of age.

The most crucial factor is the find someone good with babies. You can check with your friends or review social media to find details about the professional if you already don’t have one.

Recommendations – baby’s first haircut

Safety precautions : 

The first baby haircut is something all parents are excited to do, but sometimes that may be risky even though it is not a tough task. The main risk factor is that you can not predict your baby’s behavior. Some babies are like to cut their hair and enjoying, but some don’t support at all. They can be scared by the time you start preparing the haircut. It happens to me:)my baby got scared of the sound of trimmer.

The other thing is they can move their head some frequently obviously they can not understand your commands if they are less than one year.

Thus you should hold their head firmly, and having support is more critical for the first time.