Baby haircut style – things you need to know most

Babies are like a precious diamond in everyone’s life. As a parent, we all love to keep the baby clean and good looking which is one of the first priorities. If you are a new mom and want to cut the baby’s hair in a style? without giving much effort? then you at a great place to learn about baby hair cuts and everything. No matter whether you are having a girl or boy baby cutting the hair is the toughest thing in parenting. Here we also give you simple guidelines to keep your baby happy and safe during the cut. Read below!

Why is Baby haircut style so important?

Styling the baby is mothers one of the biggest priorities and the most important thing.  If you are having a baby or toddler who will never let you comb or cut their hair then you must follow some tricks like the below given. If the baby is too small they can be porn to cold and fever for the first time hair styling. Be attentive to their activities after the first cut.

  • Calming the baby
  • Showing them some rhymes
  • Playing with them
  • Keeping them happy
  • and mostly keep them engaged while cutting the hair

There are so many hairstyles you can try on both boy and girl babies. All you have to have a master kit with all the accessories to make the process easy.

Baby boy haircut style
For Baby boys

The best hairstyles for a one-year-old kid don’t need a lot of trimming by any means. In reality, we’d contend that leaving your son’s hair regular and long with only a trim of the tips is the correct strategy. All things considered, as he grows up, those pleasant lavish braids will never be as cute. Up to that point, utilize a light hold hair item to style a free, finished haircut. 

For 1 year boys

The customary mohawk with shaved sides can be ideal for certain children, however, a few guardians may consider it excessively restless. A cheerful center ground can be found in the false falcon. Went with a blur or undercut to differentiate on the sides and back, the fake falcon is an in vogue style and barber shop top pick. 

For 2 year babies

Another extraordinary hairstyle thought for young men is a low blur on the sides and short to medium length hair on top. The low blur is traditionalist yet at the same time gives the important complexity that attracts the eyes to the hair above. The length on top at that point offers the flexibility to style basic and simple or innovative and trendy hairdos. For example, leaving your kid’s thick hair finished and chaotic can be a new look.

Baby girl haircut style

For girls, you can many hair cut styles which will impress them cuteness for sure. If you are having a baby girl and you want to different hairstyles then you must make their hair healthy and long. Then you can try so many long hairstyles for special occasions and for the school. Here I have provided with top 3 cut freestyles you can try them at home or salon. 

Bang cut

You can try this cut with baby girls at the age of 1-2 years. Where you can have plaid their hair with a little bang in the front. It’s a unique and amazing styling cut for baby girls. All you have to do is take a half hair to the front and trim the hair with the same height. This should be covering the forehead and not too long. 


This is also a nice hair cut for baby girls where you can put small ponytails with the hair. All you have to do is cut the hair in a round shape with the same size and you can trim the hair a bit inside then the hair will give a bump look in the front. I can remember I have tried this on my hair and for my baby girl too. 

Half shave

This can be tried with only a girl’s hair which has a thick and bit along. Where you want to shave the one side of the head and have the other sidelong. You don’t believe me this haircut is amazing and nice for the girls which will give them a bit of attention and attitude. Train your girl to be more strong and attention seeker. 

Final words

I hope this simple guide will help you to plan your child’s hair cuts easily. If you have any questions regarding baby haircuts you can contact me directly. We do also update the latest baby hair cuts for your little one to stay tuned with us. We are happier to receive more suggestions from you. Have a nice day!